Request a Permanent License

With our new Professional Services Model for SCADA, you can have a world class Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system running in your facility for free. No catches, no gimmicks.

Status Enterprise SCADA

When your Status Enterprise Trial expires, request a permanent license from B-Scada. We will send you a license file to turn your trial into a full system.

What’s included with the Full System:

  • Full Status Enterprise System, unlimited clients and unlimited tag count.
  • Basic support (B-Scada Forum and
  • Premium Support available on a per incident basis.

Fill out the form below, providing us the MAC Address of the computer your Status Enterprise Trial is running on.

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You will be emailed a license file that turns your trial into a full system.

  1. Copy the license file you receive to the following folder: C:\ProgramData\B-Scada\StatusEnterprise\License
  2. Restart your computer or restart the Windows Service StatusEnterpriseServer to activate the license.

Status Enterprise User