Premium Support

With our new Professional Services Model for SCADA, you can have a world class Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system running in your facility for free. No catches, no gimmicks.

Status Enterprise SCADA

Status Enterprise is now available freely for download. Basic support (B-Scada Forum and are included with the system.

B-Scada offers Premium Support to assist with:

  • Trouble Shooting
  • How-To and Best Practices
  • Training Online or On Site
  • Data Model Design
  • Mimic Design
  • Developing custom data connectors to specialized devices and other enterprise software
  • Feature Development
  • IoT Pilot Development
  • OPC Server Development
  • Custom Application Development
Premium Support

The rate for Premium support is $100USD/hr. We do not bill in the event the support request is the result of a defect in the B-Scada system. Note that functionality a customer feels should be in the system but is not is not a defect but a feature request.

Request Support

If you have purchased support and need to be contacted, please email [email protected].

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To order support, please submit the form below. An electronic invoice will be mailed to you shortly. Any unused support can be refunded.

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