Professional Services Model for SCADA

With our new Professional Services Model for SCADA, you can have a world class Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system running in your facility for free. No catches, no gimmicks.

Status Enterprise SCADA

The Professional Services Model for software has been around for a long time. The basic premise of the model is the software is free and services such as consulting, installation, support and training are only available at a fee. The Open Source community and companies like Red Hat are prime examples of this model.

In the use of the Status Enterprise System, we see a wide variety of companies with projects of varying degrees of complexity. Many projects are simple, and do not require support from B-Scada staff at all. Others are very complex, pushing the system to the edge of its ability and requiring a great deal of technical support from B-Scada. Yet the price paid by the client for each of these solutions is the same.

We believe that simpler projects and projects executed by seasoned SCADA professionals who need little to no assistance with their solutions should get a better rate on Status Enterprise. Projects that are highly complex, cutting edge and require a great deal of technical support should be billed more.

The most logical way to address this disparity is to base the price of the system on the amount of support required and not the price of the software. As such B-Scada has now moved to a Professional Services Model for its Status Enterprise system. Status Enterprise is now available freely for download. Basic support (B-Scada Forum and are included with the system. Premium Support is also available if needed.

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