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Basic Support

Basic support is included with all of our products. This includes access to all of the resources on which includes how-to videos, product documentation, whitepapers and case studies.

Basic support also allows access to the user Forum where you can ask product related questions. This forum is monitored by B-Scada support.

Premium Support

Premium support may be ordered as required at an hourly rate ($100/hr.). Premium support includes email and phone support for training, technical support, model design, screen design, custom data connector development, feature development and custom development.

  • Technical Support – How-To questions, troubleshooting and advice on best practices. Any time dedicated to technical support that is the result of a defect in B-Scada software is not billable. Support is available by phone, email and webinar as needed.
  • Training – Online or onsite training is available. Travel time and expenses will be added for onsite training.
  • Model Design – Evaluation and implementation of best practices for model design.
  • Screen Design – Design and development of mimics for your live data. Other graphics design services.
  • Custom Data Connectors – Development of additional device connectivity to the B-Scada system.
  • Features – Development of new custom features for the system.

Order Support

To order support, please submit the form below. An electronic invoice will be mailed to you shortly. Any unused support can be refunded.

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Request Support

If you have purchased Premium Support please email [email protected].


B-Scada can also be contacted by:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 352 564-9610

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